Spiritual Masterpiece Heirloom Pyramid 8 1/4″ tall Nubian, Brass


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Spiritual Masterpiece 8 1/4″  Nubian  – Brass

This piece is 8 1/2″ high – 5 1/4″ wide and weighs 5 pounds. This piece has some scaling… powerful.

I believe these pieces to be my greatest work thus far.  I received this formula in meditation and the simplicity was astounding.  You would think I could have figured it out myself, but it was so obvious I missed it.  I was also told to add 4 specific Alchemy choices and the results astounded me.   If I could afford it, I would give one to everyone, but I can’t yet!  Also, the formula includes very expensive crystals and of course 4 Alchemies add substantially so sorry, but they are expensive.  However, WOW as the outcome!

I made them from small to large in desire to make them affordable for everyone.  I can tell you I had a Seer look at them and she agreed they are the most powerful pieces I have ever made and will help everyone open, clear and grow substantially, regardless of current level.   They clear all your energy bodies on all levels of consciousness.  They are to open all the layers of you all the way up to Source and allow flow, a deeper connection and, overtime, direct interaction.

I call these pieces heirlooms as they can be passed down generation by generation and will still work effectively for many years to come.  They will help to clear negativity and blanket you and your relatives with positive, growth energy specifically to them.

As with all my pieces I put a minimum 2 Alchemies in each – Purification and Letting As with all my pieces I put a minimum 2 Alchemies in each – Purification and Letting Go!  Consequently, there is real scaling on most sides, however, in our world that means it is very powerful!  In the Spiritual Masterpieces I put in 4 adding Expansion and Inner Awareness which increases the power of these pieces significantly!




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