Orgone Fused w/Alchemy Pendants by Crystal – Large Oval Red Coral


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PLEASE NOTE:  The findings are silver not gold as they appear in the pictures. – It seems not to show in this photo.

This pendant is a Large Oval which is 2′ long and 1 1/8 ” wide.

It is made of:

Red Coral


Red Coral:  Evokes passion, romance, strength, joy and abundance as well as protection.  It encourages creativity and understanding the purpose of things.

It provides victory over enemies and adversaries whether mental or external.  The Red Coral benefits in overcoming procrastination and laziness.  HOWEVER, a very powerful benefit is its impact on the mental health. Since it is a robust gemstone it helps in overcoming symptoms of listlessness and mental depression. It gives energy, vigor and hope. The red coral also imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness. It is a great crystal for boosting self- esteem.  Beware as it also can stimulate psychic growth, gently.

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