Nubian Heirloom 9″ high, Orgone Fused with Alchemy – Agate – Septarian


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This pyramid is 9″ high, 5 3/4″ wide and weighs 5 pounds and is an Heirloom Pyramid which will last for many generations!

In the tip is a orange Calcite with a bit of gold flake.

Beneath is a large piece of Agate.

There is a cluster of large pieces of Septarian with a large piece of Calcite underneath. 4 pieces of Carnelian surround the Calcite sitting on a bed of Brass.

Beneath the Brass are 2 more pieces of Septarian and 3 large pieces of Red Jasper.

I call these pieces heirlooms as they can be passed down generation by generation and will still work effectively for many years to come.  They will help to clear negativity and blanket your relatives with positive, growth energy specifically to them.

As with all my pieces I put a minimum 2 Alchemies in each – Purification and Letting Go!  Consequently, there is real scaling on most sides, however, in our world that means it is very powerful!

The interaction of these Alchemies with the crystals, metals and the resin create several irregularities such as holes, scaling, blow outs, and unsquared bottoms.  The more irregularities a Pyramid has the more power it contains.  Truthfully, I have some that have blown their tops off and they are the most powerful pieces I have.













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Weight 5 lbs


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