Nubian Heirloom 8 1/4″ Pyramid Fused with Alchemy – Tiger’s Eye


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This pyramid is 8 1/4″ high, 5″ wide and weighs 4.22 pounds.

The photo is not as pretty as the piece itself.  The top is filled with Tiger’s Eye over a layer of Copper.  This guy discolored the copper which I have not seen before.  Below is a huge, rough piece of Tiger’s Eye (which I was lucky to find… it is a rare piece) over another layer of Copper.  Below are Carnelian in the columns another layer of Copper and the bottom has 4 large pieces of Red Jasper.

This big guy has some scaling and indentations at the top section.  Truly powerful!

I call these pieces heirlooms as they can be passed down generation by generation and will still work effectively for many years to come. They will help to clear negativity and blanket your relatives with positive, growth energy specifically to them.

As with all of my pieces I put at minimum 2 Alchemies in each – Purification and Letting Go! Consequently, there is real scaling on all sides, however, in our world that means it is very powerful!

Please note that there are Alchemies in these pieces, and I add a lot creating holes, scaling and blow out areas. The Alchemy creates its own path to reach you, hence the surface is not smooth in places or there are holes. I will not sell them as Boo Boo’s because it is the result of their power. Truthfully, I have some that have blown their tops off and they are the most powerful pieces I have.

There is an Alchemy Blow Out Section for extreme scaling which are also more powerful. As I was making some of these, I did not realize that some of the molds shifted which I can’t figure out how, so it had to be the Alchemy. These do not have a perfectly square bottom, but it does not seem to diminish their power in any way. They are also in the Blow Out section. The fact that I cannot figure out how this happened makes me wonder if it was purposeful.


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Weight 4.22 lbs


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