4″ Pyrmaid to Control Emotions – Release Shame


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Shame, like Self-Love, is our perspective on who we are resulting in a constant emotional beating for some of the negative things we have done.  We are never perfect in our human experience and to rise above is to review what we are ashamed of, forgive ourselves and clear the energy.  This is not easy to do, and some people spend years with a shrink to accomplish this.  These pieces with the crystals and Alchemy do a lot of the work for you but you must participate as well.  As shameful thoughts come up, visualize burning them in the White Flames.

It has taken me this last 2 years of meditation, study and spirit to assist in the decision of the most effective crystal combinations for Pocket Pieces and Pendants to Conquer Emotions.  Adding 2 Alchemy – Purification and Letting Go which clears you on all levels of consciousness including blocks and heightens the intention of these pieces. Most of these pieces have been tried among family, friends and customers who know me personally to great success.  I have healers that have used them in Reiki and many other disciplines again, increasing the healing or intention with limited time and effort.

Place this pyramid where you spend the most time.  The more they are in your presence, the more they are clearing the issue or attracting your desire as well as clearing all of your energy bodies on all levels.

You can buy 1 – 2 or 3 Pocket Pieces or a Small Teardrop, Large Teardrop or Large Oval Pendant and now a pyramid!

This pyramid is 4″ high, 2 3/8 wide and weighs 11 oz

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