2 1/4 x 2 Small Pyramid Fused With Alchemy, Pink Quartz


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PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for perfection, you will not find it here!

We, including the pyramids with Alchemy as intelligent beings, are perfect in our imperfections. Our pyramids do not look like glass. I use a specific, expensive resin that shrinks to ignite the power of the crystals. Adding Alchemy has caused all kinds of changes. You will not find a pyramid without a hole (s) or stone(s) that are not coated in resin. It is the Alchemy creating a gateway to get through to you. Again, perfect in our imperfections. Our thoughts are they reflect our own imperfections that we must learn to love and accept within ourselves.


These pieces are one of a kind.

This piece includes:

Pink Quartz



Black & Blonde Obsidian

Pink Jasper


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