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Alchemy takes you through a life changing process by clearing what does not serve you and pulling in what you need to be your best self.

Nubian Pyramids

Nubian Pyramids are made using Nubian Sacred Geometry.  They are fiercer than Giza and consequently more powerful.  They will clear you with force.


Amulets are larger pendants that contain far more Alchemy, crystals, metal and resin making them stronger. Wearing one constantly will make an impact on you.

Calming Autism

These pieces are made to calm Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Asperger’s, etc.  We have great success alleviating some of the symptoms of these conditions. Confirmed with testimonials.

Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids are made using Giza Sacred Geometry and are calming as well as expanding. They clear you on all levels of consciousness gently.

Heirloom Pyramids

Heirloom Pyramids range from 8 inches high 11 inches high pieces that can be passed down through generations.  Being larger they offer even more power to work for your greatest good.


Cones are small but pack a punch.  I made them for your desk or home. They are small and inexpensive so you can blanket your home or office with clearing energy.


I had some clients that wanted a piece for their desk that was not obviously orgone.  Domes can work as an inconspicuous paperweight and keep you clear.


Like the Domes, Jewels look more like an art piece rather than an Orgone Pyramid. They are pretty and are stuffed full of crystals and are quite powerful.

Pocket Pieces

Pocket pieces are small and inexpensive.  You can put one in your pillow, desk, car and all over your house.  They will work to clear the negativity create harmony.

Pocket Pieces & Pendants By Crystal

The idea behind these pieces is you can choose which piece to carry based upon what you feel or must face that day.  These pieces will help you control your life daily.

Pendants To Conquer Emotions

Like the Pocket Pieces to Conquer Emotions you can change your pendant based upon your need daily.  Wearing a Pendant close to your heart will strengthen the outcome.

Spiritual Masterpieces

Spiritual Masterpieces are made of a formula given to me from above. They are the strongest pieces I have ever made and include 4 Alchemies making them very powerful. They will not only clear you, but expand your consciousness.

Pyramids To Conquer Emotions

These Pyramids are made to place wherever you spend the most time, so they are continually working on releasing or drawing what you need to change.

Pocket Pieces to Conquer Emotions

Like the Pendants to Conquer Emotions you can change your pocket piece based upon your need daily.  Carrying a Pocket Piece will work on you all day! You can also put one under your pillow to continue working through the night.


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Fused With Joy

Orgone Fused with Alchemy


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Orgone Fused With Alchemy

Orgone is well known to clear negativity on it’s own.  Alchemy takes you on a Spiritual Journey to unravel what binds you, release what keeps you stuck and opens you to your full physical and spiritual potential. It helps you recognize and become your best self!!

To my knowledge, we are the only folks in the world who add Divine Alchemy (which took me 40 years to find) to Orgone.

Power vs Aesthetics

The importance of the power of Orgone Fused with Alchemy is that it connects you to your energy bodies on all levels of consciousness and beyond. Due to the amount of Alchemy in these pieces, it creates an alchemic reaction that may create holes, scaling and sometimes blows tops off as it has to have an opening to get to you!  It appears the more availability the Alchemies create to get to you, the more powerful the piece!

Truly Divine Masterpieces

In meditation, I heard this combination of crystals and to add 4 types of Alchemy.  With these crystals and the 4 Alchemies in these pieces, they are the most powerful pieces I have ever made.

They are made to deepen our connection with Spirit.  They help to quicken and expand our Spiritual development on all levels of consciousness always for your greater good!

Their power seems to be boundless!

Conquering Emotions

Everything I do is Spiritually driven and, in meditation, I was told to make these pieces to give everyone a shortcut to change with less effort.  Thus far there are 38 emotions and/or situations posted with many more to come. They are amazingly powerful in accomplishing their purpose.

We have pendants, pocket pieces and pyramids made to conquer a specific emotion and/or something we lack like happiness.  We even have success with Autism, ADHD, ODD, Asperger’s, etc.

Heirloom Pyramids

Fused With Joy has created the largest collection of Nubian Pyramids I am aware of.  Due to the size of Heirloom Pyramids, they hold a huge amount of crystals and I add a great deal of Alchemy making them very powerful!  The Heirloom Pyramids will help you and your family for generations to come!

The Nubian Heirloom Pyramids range from 5 – 8+  pounds   are 8 to 11+ inches in height.  

The Giza Heirloom Pyramids are 6.5″ tall and weigh 4 -5 pounds. 


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